Homeschool Curriculum Review: Hewitt Homeschooling

HH Reports 2
I mentioned in a previous post, the one where I talked about what we’d accomplished in the 2013-14 school year, that I wanted my kids to take the summer “easy” rather than “off” in order to keep their skills sharp. When the option for reviewing items from Hewitt Homeschooling came up, I thought this was just the ticket for the writing portion of our “summer school.” I chose My First Report: Sports (retail price $8.95) for us to work on because both boys enjoy sports (although Seahawk more so than Munchkin). I knew they’d be interested in learning more about a variety of sports and games. After all, knowing the hows, whys, and rules of games will make them more fulfilling to play. The age range for the My First Reports were perfect for both of my kids, too – grades 1-4. Seahawk just finished up 4th grade, but he can use a bit of remedial work in a few subjects (including writing), so I had him use this product, even though he was on the very edge of the age range. Munchkin was right in the middle of the age range, and this was a good product for him. Continue reading

Trying Something New…

Hello friends,

I’m going to try something new to see if helps traffic on the blog a little bit. From now on, you’ll see just a bit of the post in your email, and will need to click through to continue reading. If you hate this, please let me know via a comment on any post or through the Contact Me form. I’m not set that this is the way it has to be forever, but I want to see how it goes for a while. Thanks for understanding!



Simplicity: Relationships

simplicity copyWhen I logged into WordPress tonight, I wasn’t sure what to write about for this week’s Simplicity post. Then I had my phone ding with an email (I know, I know – email on a phone is probably the antithesis of simplicity . . .). That email was simply from Bloglovin’. (In case you don’t know, they’re a website that allows you to get all of the updates from blogs you subscribe to in one email at the end of the day rather than getting emails from each individual blog as they post. It’s a very convenient service.) After I went through those, I was looking at the other emails in my inbox, and that’s kind of what I want to talk about today. Not the specifics of the email, of course, but the reason that email was there in the first place: it’s someone with whom I have a relationship. Continue reading

Simplicity: Fun Family Activities

simplicity copyWhen I was trying to think of what I wanted to write about today, a couple of things kept entering my mind. They all have to do with our current family situation, which I’m not going to go into here. What I decided to go with ideas for free (or cheap), simple family activities. The list definitely won’t be all inclusive, and it may or may not include things that work in every town. But they’re things our family does for fun, and hopefully at least some of them will inspire you to slow down and find something simple to do today. Continue reading

DIY Cloth Book for Babies and Toddlers

cloth book
I mentioned on Tuesday that we celebrated Small Fry’s birthday recently. I, of course, made him a gift instead of buying him one, and I wanted to share here all about it. I’d seen around the web recently the idea of fabric books for little ones, and some of them are specifically designed for toddlers to work on their fine motor skills. I wanted to make one of those. (This one is much better than the one I made, but I’m pretty pleased with mine nonetheless.) Continue reading


birthday SFA certain little boy in our family had a birthday last week. That’s right – Small Fry is now officially 2!

This little guy is a real treat to know. He has his moments, like any of us, but as a rule he’s a wonderful child. He loves fuzzy critters of all kinds. Whenever we’re out walking and he sees someone with a dog, he always stops to point it out to us. His favorite place to be is outside – he doesn’t care where outside, just out in nature! He doesn’t seem to mind whether or not he wears clothes, but he adores his shoes. He would probably wear them to bed if I’d let him! But as much as he loves his shoes, he’s also perfectly happy to go out without them if it means he can get out of the house. He prefers vegetables to meat, but he does like chicken and fish when we give it to him. I don’t think he’s ever met a fruit he didn’t like! He also likes his sweets, though, so we have to be careful with them. He’s been known to turn into a bit of a monster baby if someone has ice cream and he doesn’t! Continue reading


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