Blue Ribbon Awards

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I had the pleasure of casting my vote in their annual Blue Ribbon Awards. All members of the Crew are invited to share their favorite vendors of the year in a variety of categories, and then the votes are tallied and awards given to the vendors. Here are the winners of 2014 (links will take you to the Crew blog post for the product unless noted otherwise):

Favorite Writing Curriculum: WriteShop

Favorite Language Arts Curriculum: Moving Beyond the Page (my review here)

Favorite Language Arts Supplement: IXL

Favorite Literature Curriculum: Progeny Press (my review here)

Favorite Grammar Curriculum: IEW Fix It! Grammar (my review here)

Favorite History Program: Veritas Press

Favorite Science Curriculum: Supercharged Science

Favorite Science Supplement: Purposeful Design

Favorite Math Curriculum: CTC Math (my review here)

Favorite Math Supplement: Learning Wrap-ups (my review here)

Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum: Middlebury Interactive Languages (my review here)

Favorite Fine Arts Program/Curriculum: ARTistic Pursuits

Favorite Christian Education Curriculum: Apologia: What on Earth Can I Do? (my review here)

Favorite Christian Education Supplement: The Brinkman Adventures (my review here)

Favorite Preschool Resource: Preschoolers and Peace (my review here)

Favorite Elementary Resource: Logic of English (my review here)

Favorite Middle School Resource: Moving Beyond the Page

Favorite High School Resource: Roman Roads Media

Favorite College or College Prep Resource: Fortuigence

Favorite Mom/Teen Resource: Apologia: Flourish

Best Digital Resource: Veritas Press

Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed: My Student Logbook (my review here)

Favorite Book, Audio Book, or Audio Drama: Heirloom Audio Productions: Under Drake’s Flag

Just for Fun: Out of the Box Games (my review here)

Kids’ Choice: Clued in Kids (my review here)

Teens’ Choice: Homeschool Piano

All Around Crew Favorite: Veritas Press

In the categories I felt comfortable voting in, most of my choices align with the winners. The only exception is that I chose Fix It! Grammar for my overall favorite (I just love an open-and-go curriculum!). The boys’ picks for Kids Choice didn’t win either. Seahawk and Small Fry picked Egglo Entertainment (my review here) and Munchkin picked (my review here).

For more information on the Blue Ribbon awards, or the Review Crew in general, just click the banner below.

With this post, the 2014 review season is over, but I’ve been invited back for 2015, so I’ll have some more reviews for you early next spring. I’ll still be blogging about our lives in the meantime, just no reviews for a while. 🙂



2014 Blue Ribbon Awards



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