G is for Gingerbread House

g is for gingerbread house

For the second year in a row, my dad bought the boys a gingerbread house kit to build and decorate. The difference this year is that he chose a gingerbread village instead of just a house, so while the individual buildings were much smaller, each child got his own to decorate. They didn’t fight last year, but I still think this was a better way to do it. They weren’t crawling all over one another to try and decorate their wall like last year. And as an added bonus this year, while we were decorating, one of the boys’ friends came over. I was happy to have an extra house to share with her. (And even more happy to send it home with her when she left!)


I also want to remind you guys that my blog is moving/has moved. I’d really, really love it if you headed over to Ladybug Daydreams and subscribed to the new blog. I’ve sent off the email to WordPress support to have you all moved over, but I don’t have high hopes for that working. Just a gut feeling that they’re not going to make it happen for me/us. So please, please click through and sign up at the new blog. I’d really appreciate it!


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