Quiet Book

I mentioned back in the summertime that I’d made a quiet book for Small Fry’s second birthday. It wasn’t that awesome, but it was okay for my first time out. Well, for our nephew’s second birthday in September, I poked around online (as well as exploring my fabric and notions stash) and found some ideas for quiet book pages for him. Would you believe that there are whole blogs dedicated just to making quiet books? I was shocked. And amazed at the incredible talent of some of those ladies.

So, while my second book still wasn’t quite as awesome as some of the others you’ll find online, it was much better than my first, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Here are the pages I made. Continue reading


E is for Eating Bugs

E is for eating bugs

Will’s been traveling a bit to sell his books this week, and one of the traditions he has when he’s away from home is to bring suckers back for the boys. But not just any sucker – a sucker with a real bug inside. Seahawk and Munchkin are well versed in this tradition, but it was Small Fry’s first time participating. To introduce him to the idea slowly, he got a cricket lollipop, while the other boys got scorpions. You can see the cricket suspended in the candy in the larger photograph up above. Continue reading

Blue Ribbon Awards

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I had the pleasure of casting my vote in their annual Blue Ribbon Awards. All members of the Crew are invited to share their favorite vendors of the year in a variety of categories, and then the votes are tallied and awards given to the vendors. Here are the winners of 2014 (links will take you to the Crew blog post for the product unless noted otherwise): Continue reading

November 2014 Reading List

A new month means a new reading list! Well, the month is nearly half over (again), and the reading list has a couple of holdovers from October, but that’s okay.

Read Aloud – everyone

egypt gameWe’re still working on The Egypt Game. Because we read Wayside School first last month, we had a late start on TEG, but we’ll definitely finish it this month. Continue reading

D is for Division

d is for division copy

As much as we struggled with multiplication facts with the boys, I was beginning to think we’d never move on to division. But I’m pleased to say that we have done just that.

After Will saw the way our current math program was teaching the topic (it was insanely crazy and confusing, using “longs and shorts” – is this a Common Core thing, does anyone know?), he made the decision I should have: teaching long division the normal way. He spent about an hour with the boys and they came out the other end of that one lesson able to divide.

And now, on to fractions!



Product Review: Snake Oil Party Potion Game

Snake Oil - Party Potion vocabulary building game. Review at Simplicity Breeds Happiness

Can you sell a torch purse to a princess?

Do you, Miss Princess, have money to burn? Then let me introduce to you the torch purse – it burns your money for you!

How about a bone sandwich to a dog?

Mr. Dog, what you need is to eat a sandwich like your owner does. But peanut butter is too sticky for dogs. Designed especially for you, so the move to sandwiches isn’t too abrupt a change from your preferred food, I give you the bone sandwich!

If so, Snake Oil – Party Potion, from Out of the Box Games, is the game for you! Continue reading

Schoolhouse Review Crew Seeking New Bloggers


You guys know that I’ve been a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew this year, and that it’s been amazing experience for me. There’s a forum of great homeschool parents to chat with, buy and sell to/from, and pray with and for. There’s the opportunity to receive and review loads of great products. And you’ll (potentially) be pushed as a writer/blogger.

Well, if you’re interested in joining this great group, you’re in luck! Because sales for the 2015 year are going gangbusters, the Crew has opened up a second round of applications. Head on over to the Crew blog for more information and the application. You won’t regret it!