Wednesday Chat #8



Welcome back to the Farmhouse Porch, friends. Here’s a fresh round of questions from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty. If you have a blog, you can answer them and link up, too. (By the way, although it’s probably not Wednesday anymore where you are, it is where I am, so “Wednesday Chat” is still an appropriate title. 🙂 )

Do you like lemonade? Any special flavors?

I do, but it has to be more on the tart side than the sweet side. Making my own (usually from bottled lemon juice) is preferable to, say, Country Time. I really like strawberry lemonade, too. But my drink of choice is plain iced tea – no lemon or sweetener. Although I’m kinda hankering for a glass of lemonade now!

How many place settings of silverware do you have? (I adjusted this question a little so it would make sense beyond the context of Patrice’s original post.)

Four. We have a total of 8 forks, four big and four small. Same with spoons. We also have a toddler spoon and a few baby spoons that we haven’t passed along yet (although we probably will soon – we have a new nephew expected to make his arrival sometime in the next week or two!).

Have you ever been to a party in a barn?

Yes! Each October, our friends (who live on a working farm that the wife’s father owns and operates) host a Pig Roast. They buy a whole pig from the butcher and cook it up, then invite the whole town (and us, even though we moved away a year and a half ago) out for food (besides the pig, there’s usually about a million pounds of potato salad and three million rolls – on top of other side dishes). Everything’s served in one of the many barns on the property, and the shindig lasts all day.

Do you wear nail polish?

Occasionally on my toes. Not really on my fingers. I have a bad habit of biting my nails, and I think combining that with polish looks weird.

Please finish this sentence. I wish I could . . .

. . . travel to Europe, specifically England and France. England because I have a couple of “sisters” there that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting (ah, these internet days) and France because I’d love to immerse myself in the language and culture.

Now it’s your turn. Pick one of these questions and answer it in the comments for me!





2 thoughts on “Wednesday Chat #8

  1. Katie 06/19/2014 at 6:46 am Reply

    We are making our first big trip since we retired, this coming fall. We plan to do England in the next year or two.

  2. Melanie Schemanski 06/20/2014 at 7:26 am Reply

    The traditional barn party sounds great. We have a pig roast for the kids graduation but just do it in the yard instead of a barn. Wish we had a barn to do it in!

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