Simplicity: Tendinitis, Transmission, and Tennis



Happy first week of June, everyone! For today’s simplicity post, I want to share with you the wonderful day we had yesterday. It was screen-free until the kids were in bed, and even then Will and I just watched YouTube videos for an hour or so. But first, some background – namely how we spent our Saturday.

Will was off selling books like he does most Saturdays. The kids and I were in ER.

See, my right wrist has been pretty achy for a couple of weeks. I figured it would get better on its own, but it’d been long enough that it was clear it wasn’t going to get better. So I went in. After the doctor felt around in there, she still wasn’t completely sure, so she ordered an X-Ray to be sure it wasn’t broken. Fortunately, it came back clean. That left us with a diagnosis of tendinitis, which is an inflammation of the tendons. They put me in a splint (like half a cast, held in place with Ace wrap) and said to take Ibuprofen to help with pain and swelling. (There’s no visible swelling, but obviously there’s internal swelling or I wouldn’t be having discomfort.) They expect it to be better in a week; if it’s not, I’ll see my regular doctor the next step. So there’s the first T.

Our car has been acting up a lot lately. We’re pretty sure the transmission is almost kaput. We opted not to put additional strain on it by driving the 18 miles to church yesterday. So that second T leads directly into the third.

Before we had kids, Will and I used to play tennis casually. That became much harder as our family grew, but the big boys are now old enough to play too. After playing one day with our old Goodwill adult rackets, it was clear that wouldn’t work long term, especially for Munchkin. So we splurged on kid rackets for them yesterday, along with a trio of kid tennis balls (they’re bigger and softer, which allows them to move just a little slower). We (well, everyone but me) played in the road in front of our house for a few hours yesterday afternoon, and then after dinner we walked to the high school (which is less than a mile from home) and played on the tennis courts. Small Fry’s job was to retrieve the balls after they’d stopped and throw them to whoever’s serve it was. He loved it!

So that was our weekend. Some crazy, some beautifully simple.

How was yours?





One thought on “Simplicity: Tendinitis, Transmission, and Tennis

  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs. 06/02/2014 at 4:46 pm Reply

    So sorry about your tendonitis! I hope that discomfort is relieved speedily! Sorry about your car troubles too–that is one of my least favorite things! But your Sunday at least was great!!

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