Simplicity: Visiting Friends



We spent some time this week visiting old friends. They are like grandparents to us, especially since none of our “real” grandparents live nearby. My husband met this woman while he was selling books one day about four years ago, and she and her husband have become very dear to us since then. It’s hard to sit here and write about the relationship we share with them; it’s not fancy or intense. It just is. They are about the sweetest couple in the world, and they absolutely adore our children. The wife, PJ, is a self published children’s book author (visit her at, and in between visits, she sends the boys her newest book. Sometimes books. On our recent visit, they gifted Seahawk and Munchkin with an RC car and Small Fry with a child size rocking chair. The gifts have nothing to do with the relationship, of course, but it just expresses the love they have for my boys.

We spent a little over an hour with them, and the time just flew by. I love simple little things like that. Blessing people with the gift of time is one of the many upsides to simplicity.





One thought on “Simplicity: Visiting Friends

  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs. 03/06/2014 at 8:37 pm Reply

    This sounds wonderful! My children don’t have grandparents nearby (or even in the same state) and we have adopted a widow as our grandma. It is lovely for her and us!

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