Simplicity: All About Valentines


You might recall that Friday was Valentine’s Day. Because it was a Friday, it was one of the days that my husband works out of the house, rather than from home, so we didn’t have much opportunity to do much. (His “work away from home days” are long – he’s out selling books from around 10 in the morning until 8 or 9 at night.) Just because we couldn’t really spend the day – or evening – together doesn’t mean we didn’t do something, though. Well, he did something for me (and the boys)…

He woke up early and wrote little notes to each of us. The kids’ were left in envelopes on the coffee table with their names on them. For me, he hid six notes all over the house for me to find throughout the day. He hid them in places he knew I’d come into contact with at various points during the day – the silverware drawer, the pots and pans cupboard, my sewing machine, my Bible, etc.


Just because it’s a holiday, that doesn’t mean we had to ditch everything we stand for. The thought behind the notes, and the fact that he took the time to hide them all over the house, was way more sentimental than a purchased card.

Because of the work schedule, we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Sunday the 16th instead. But that, too, was a super simple thing. The point of the holiday is to spend time with the ones you love, not to spend loads of money, so we just went for a drive out in the country roads near our town after church. We explored roads we’d never been on before (despite having lived in the area our entire lives…) and simply enjoyed being together.

How did you celebrate the Day of Love?




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2 thoughts on “Simplicity: All About Valentines

  1. Sanz 02/17/2014 at 7:22 pm Reply

    This is so wonderful! What a thoughtful husband you have! I gave my kids a paper airplanes book and new water bottles that they desperately needed. My husband and I went out for Thai food and saw The Book Thief. Date night has become few and far between for us so we are making a goal of having a weekly date night. We’ve gone two weeks in a row now. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have even done anything…in the past V-day was always spent with our kids….going out to an early dinner and having a family dance at home. Great post, Wendy!

    • wendy 02/17/2014 at 7:38 pm Reply

      Your VDay sounds wonderful too!! We LOVE Thai food. It’s probably our favorite cuisine. A friend even bought me a Thai cookbook for… either my birthday or Christmas a year ago. I don’t remember which. Is The Book Thief good? It’s on my short list of movies I want to see. A regular date night is so nice to have. Up until SF was born, we had a monthly one (which isn’t often enough, but it’s what we had…) where my mom would keep the boys overnight. That was excellent. Now that the little one’s getting bigger, she’ll probably be willing to start that up again soon. We stopped right after he was born – I guess 4 nights in a row was enough to last her a while! LOL!

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