DIY Birdfeeder From Grapefruit

PicMonkey Collage birdfeeder

We saw this idea over on Gardenista, and hubby fell in love with the idea. Since there wasn’t much else to do thanks to the snowstorm, he and Seahawk trooped down to the store and got the stuff to make this (we needed some groceries anyway). It was super easy.

Here’s what you do.

First, cut your grapefruit in half. I imagine it would work with an orange, too, although I’m not sure. It’s possible there’s something in the grapefruit to attract birds. Once you have two halves of the fruit, empty it out. You can eat the pulp if you like it – Seahawk is the only one in our family who does, so he enjoyed the fruit. In the empty shells, poke holes on the four “sides.” Just pretend it’s a square instead of a circle, and put holes in it. Perfection is not necessary. Using two pieces of string, twine, hemp, yarn… whatever you’ve got, make loops. You’ll end up with two loops crossing each other. Fill the grapefruit halves with birdseed, hang, and just watch the birds appreciate your gift!




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