Picture of the Week: Teamwork


Seahawk and Munchkin have alternating chores. On even days, Seahawk empties the dishwasher and Munchkin takes out the compost; on odd days, they switch. (Neither minds emptying the dishwasher, but both hate taking out the compost. This way both chores get done but the kids don’t fight … as much.) Small Fry just likes to play near the open dishwasher. I mean, “help” empty it.

Have a great weekend! And make sure to join me for a series/blog hop next week: Homeschooling Essentials. Should be fun!



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2 thoughts on “Picture of the Week: Teamwork

  1. Sanz 01/19/2014 at 9:07 am Reply

    Cute little guys and what great helpers! I’ve been trying to comment on your Simplicity post for days now.

    Here’s what I was trying to say.
    I really enjoyed this post, Wendy! It sounds like you and I are of a similar mindset! I’ve tried commenting here several times, hopefully this one will work! How do you do tortillas? Do you use a press? I’ve never been able to get them thin enough and they end up more like flat bread than a tortilla. My friend from Argentina just rolls hers out except when she makes corn tortillas, she uses a press. How do you do it? I definitely agree that sometimes the simple route can take more time and effort. I’m loving reading your posts and look forward to more!

    • wendy 01/19/2014 at 11:18 am Reply

      I really wish I knew why the comments weren’t working here as they should be! I’m sorry it’s been such a chore for you to comment. Our computer is down for the count (needs a new video card – hopefully we can get it taken care of soon), but as soon as it’s fixed, I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.

      In the past, I’ve just rolled out my tortillas (using extra flour for the flour ones and plastic for the corn ones to prevent sticking), but I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, so I got my first tortilla press. It’s amazing. If you plan to make a lot of corn tortillas, I definitely recommend it. It cut my time drastically. Ironically, the tortillas were thinner when I rolled them than they are with the press, but they hold up better with the press, and we don’t have to double them up for our tacos, so it’s okay that they’re thicker. I haven’t made flour tortillas since I got the press, but I’ll probably continue to roll those (my press is a 6-inch, so a bit small for flour tortillas; plus one of the reviews on the one I got said it doesn’t work well for flour tortillas).

      Thanks for commenting, Sanz!

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