Science Experiment: Fun with Colors

We did a science experiment in our homeschool last week – those are the boys’ favorite things to do! I looked through the book on simple experiments I’d picked up from the library and found one that didn’t require a trip to the store first. Here’s what we came up with.

Tear a paper towel into strips and put a dot of green food coloring (or marker ink) about two inches from the bottom.


I made sure to get a strip of towel that didn’t have any printing on it when we did this.

Next, place your strip in a glass of water, making sure the green dot is about an inch outside of the water (but inside the glass). Wait 10-15 minutes.

What’s supposed to happen: your green dot should disappear, leaving your water yellow and your paper towel blue as the dyes separate.


Ours didn’t work perfectly, but we did a get a bit of blue on the paper towel, so it wasn’t a total misfortune.


And the most important part was that the kids had fun learning!

Happy weekend!



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3 thoughts on “Science Experiment: Fun with Colors

  1. godmadeknown 09/20/2013 at 4:42 pm Reply

    Looks like your science project turned into the beginnings of an art project! Cool!

    • wendy 09/20/2013 at 6:32 pm Reply

      I didn’t even think of that! But yeah, using the same theory, you could make a pretty cool art project :).

      Thanks for commenting!

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