Weekend Fodder

Happy Monday, everyone :). I hope your weekend was lovely.

It rained quite a bit around these parts. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t good anyway.

So, I don’t have pictures from all of our weekend activities, but let me tell you, it was busy!

I’ve mentioned before that we go to a bilingual church – about 1/3 of us are “white” and the other 2/3 are Hispanic. About half of the Hispanics speak both English and Spanish (which is why we’re making Spanish our foreign language in our homeschool this year – we want to be able to communicate more easily with some of our brothers and sisters [hermanos y hermanas :)] in Christ). My husband is the youth leader in our church; there is one “white” teen and a dozen or so Hispanics. One of the girls turned 15 earlier this summer, and that means a Quinceañera! This one was on Saturday. It was the first time I’d ever been to one, and it was quite an experience. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one (without crashing, lol), I definitely recommend it. It was interesting to see their culture outside of our regular church service – which to be honest, includes the Spanish language, but not much of the culture. They did the “whole shebang” from the dress to all the gifts to the fancy reception afterward. I said afterward that it was like a wedding with no groom! That’s how fancy it was.

On Sunday after church, we had a wedding reception (with both bride and groom this time!). My husband’s cousin got married. The happy couple won an all-expenses-paid wedding cruise in Portland, so they had limited space for the ceremony, which meant we only got to go to the reception. It was nice to see some of the extended family again.

I also spent a little bit of time with my sewing machine. Remember that I only have a few outfits? Well, the spaghetti straps on my dresses broke, so I had to fix that. It’s not the first time I’ve had to do so with these particular dresses, but it’s an easy task so I don’t mind doing it too much. Unfortunately this time, though, one of the straps completely detached in the laundry a few weeks ago. I remember setting it aside so that I could reattach it, but do you think I could find that strap when it was actually time to make the repair? Of course not! So I cut two inches off the bottom of the dress and made new, thicker straps and then rehemmed the bottom. It was a little terrifying to cut up my dress – I love it! – but as my hubby said, I couldn’t have made it worse. It was already unwearable. In the end, it turned out perfectly though. I’ll do a full post on how I did it later this week :).

What did you do this weekend?



One thought on “Weekend Fodder

  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs. 08/26/2013 at 9:42 pm Reply

    Busy but lovely! 🙂 We attended our first quinceanera earlier this year. It was pretty much awesome. Polynesians party very similarly. And my husband is one of those crazy polys. Do you wear only dresses/skirts? I’ve been really surprised to find that I like my baby girl in dresses. Are you sure you don’t have more clothes hanging in your closets? You are the minimalist, minimalist I know. Actually, you’re really the only minimalist I know!! You rock!!!!

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