Balloon Creations

Is there an Old Spaghetti Factory near you? Have you ever been there? There’s one not too far from us (the original one, actually), and we go there sometimes. They have amazing food and much more affordable prices than Olive Garden (although we indulge there too, sometimes; we all have a weakness for good pasta). At the one in Portland, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, there’s a guy who wanders from table to table making balloon creations for anyone who wants one (not just kids). He’s absolutely amazing and super friendly, so we always let each kid get one (a small one, though – there are 5 of us and our car is an early 90’s Toyota Celica; there’s not much room in there for “stuff”) and tip the guy. (He’s self-employed, not part of OSF at all, so tips are all he gets on those nights.)

Here’s what the kids got when we were there last week.

Munchkin chose a train, and we were all pretty awed by this:

balloon train

Seahawk chose a dinosaur. The kids’ favorite part of this was that the guy “kept a Sharpie in his pocket for drawing on them!” with.

balloon dinosaur

A secret about me: I could never do these. I’m always too afraid the balloon will pop. Knowing that the balloons are designed to be twisted and manipulated this way provides me no comfort!

name plate copy


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