Diaper Bag for Small Fry

I found a great deal on some fabric over the weekend, so with hubby’s blessing, bought the rest of the bolt of two different fabrics for nursery projects. This diaper bag, made with the tutorial over on A Mingled Yarn’s blog, was my first project. I think it may be the most professional-looking thing I’ve ever made. It’s a great bag. There are 5 external pockets, 5 internal pockets, plus the main one. Now all I need is the g-Diapers (if you haven’t heard of g-Diapers, check out their site; they’re the perfect combination of cloth and disposables with cloth outers and flushable liners – fabulous!) starter kit to fill it up with before baby arrives! For those of you keeping track with me, there’s about 6 1/2 weeks left!

Look for posts over the next few days of the other projects I’ve got planned with these fabrics :).


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One thought on “Diaper Bag for Small Fry

  1. […] It’s small enough that my family doesn’t feel the need to put all of their stuff in it but big enough to hold my stuff along with a single diaper for short trips out when I don’t need the full-on diaper bag I made. […]

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