Happy Mother’s Day!


I know I’m a day late here, but that’s okay :).

I subscribe to the JoAnn ad, mostly for the 40% off coupon that’s always in there. Sometimes there’s an additional gem, though; the April ad was was of those times. They were advertising something that was taking place in all of their stores, not just the bigger ones: “Kids, come make your mom a cupcake magnet for Mother’s Day.” Well, my kids love making crafts of all kinds (much to the detriment of the cleanliness of my house a lot of the time!), so this sounded like a perfect opportunity for them to get to make an “official” craft. I recruited my husband to take them in (at ages 8 and 5, they were not interested in letting me take them!) and make these crafts. They were so proud of them that they couldn’t even wait until Sunday to present them to me. Therefore, they’ve had a proud spot on my refrigerator since Saturday afternoon :D.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. mydearbakes 05/15/2012 at 2:37 am Reply

    These looked so cute! =)

    • wmr1601 05/15/2012 at 8:47 am Reply

      Thank you so much! Aren’t kids the best? 🙂

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