Christmas Present Joe

This little guy was a Christmas gift that my oldest son (8) chose to make for his little brother (5) in 2011. Daddy took the younger out for the afternoon while I stayed home with the elder and worked on the bear that has earned first place in my son’s life – I’ve even had to repair him twice already, and he’s only 4 months old! It’s gratifying to know that something I made (er, helped make) is so loved.

As a side note, he’s sitting on a quilt that I made in 2009. It’s the most elaborate one I’ve ever done with over 900 individual pieces, and took over a month to complete.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Present Joe

  1. eternally addicted 04/20/2012 at 3:57 pm Reply

    Hi, its just me. LOL

    I love the quilts and the afgans. I learned to crochet when I was 9. My aunt taught me and let me tell you she can crochet like the energizer bunny. Well I thought I’d instantly be able to do that and of course couldn’t. I got fristrated too. Well years later when I was preggers I wanted to make a afgan too. I only knew single and double stiches, which as you know take forever to make any progress. So called up Aunt Pat and she taught me how to do a granny square stitch. So what I did was make several, probably about 6 by 6 inch squares and then she taught me how to put them together. It went a lot faster and I was pretty pleased with myself.

    I had a sweing phase too and have my own machine, which I love. I’ve made some curtains for my house and dabbled in quilting. It’s fun. And I love doing the home improvement thing. My hubs buys me power tools for gifts instead of the other way around. LOL He gets strange looks to at the store when he says, its for my wife.

    I’m stuck on the writing thing right now though. But I do still do the other things here and there.

    Anywho just thought I’d share since you are sharing with us.

    • wmr1601 04/20/2012 at 6:52 pm Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be adding more pics over the next few days, so be sure to check back (or sign up for alerts if you’re really interested – although I’ll probably connect this one to my Twitter, too, since I’m not very likely to need the other one for a while).

      All I know how to do crochet-wise at this point is the single and double stitch. But I can now do the single WAY faster than ever before, and I just learned the double in the past 6 weeks or so – that’s a nice “distance booster” over the single!

      When I first started sewing, I only had a hand me down machine that was really old (I want to say from the 50s, but the 70s is probably more accurate). When I literally wore it out after about 6 months, hubby bought me a new one, which I adore. It’s hard to believe I’ve had it for two and half years, lol. I haven’t done any curtains or anything, but I’ve done loads of quilts and some clothes for myself and my kids (mostly Halloween costumes for the boys [they were pirates one year, and the year before, the older was a soldier and the younger the Tin Man], but also pajamas). Unfortunately, I don’t have a “sewing mentor” since my mother-in-law passed away before I really got into sewing (she was the only one I knew who sewed on anything approaching a regular basis), so I’m largely self-taught. Thank goodness for the internet where I can look up phrases I don’t know! LOL.

      I’m glad you shared with me, and I’m excited to share more of my projects with you :).

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